Wolf Tapes - Seven Seas AND Luna Luna

Seven Seas

The few readers I have may have noticed I say things like "slo-mo" a lot. Seven Seas by London's Wolf Tapes evokes a similar feeling. Except the complete opposite. Get it? The pulsing of "33" and "Seven Seas" makes me feel like I'm in that part in Koyaanisqatsi where the camera is inside the car and you can see all the street signs and stop lights go by like the warp speed in Star Wars. The next time you watch that movie, just mute that part and put Seven Seas on instead.

Luna Luna

Okay, okay. So Seven Seas is rad as fuck. But after I took the time out of my (not so) busy schedule to listen to Luna Luna, I was floored. Like, more floored than how I was by SS. I have a term that I like to use for this type of music and I think it's really appropriate: medicated dance. It kind of has that chopped and screwed sort of feeling, mixed with lo-fi thumps and blips. But there's MJ quality back beats hiding in there. And fortunately for us, we don't have to look to hard to find them.

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